If I have seen further than others,
it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.
Sir Isaac Newton

The CMS Mentoring Programme is an objective-based software system with built-in resources for guiding, reporting and tracking the progress of its Mentors and Mentees

The CMS Mentoring Programme

The CMS Mentoring Programme has been designed to improve the skills, knowledge, abilities and results of both Mentors and Mentees. Those who participate in the CMS Mentoring Programme from Grade 8 through their high school years and into their tertiary education years will become natural leaders. Employers will rank them highly and continue their CMS Mentoring Programme process in the workplace.

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The Need For Mentorship

Every student has the inherent potential for greatness. The problem is that high school teachers and tertiary institution lecturers do not have the time to nurture every willing student to fulfil their true potential.

This responsibility is best given to a more experienced peer as a Mentor – under the watchful eye of a teacher or lecturer. The setting of goals and objectives together with a Mentor creates a willing obligation and responsibility for the Mentee to not let them down and to perform well above one’s previous benchmarks of performance.

The blossoming of a student under the mentorship of their peers is a sight to behold. The willingness and ability to learn from someone a few years older than you, who leads by example, is so much more effective than simply being taught.

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How CMS Works

Young people are now involved in a sharing economy through their use of Social Media. They are much more comfortable dealing with their peers than with older people in positions of authority. Peer-to-Peer learning is commonplace in the everyday life of the youth. The CMS Mentoring Programme brings this system of information sharing and self improvement in the classroom and lecture hall in a more formal, reportable way.

The CMS Mentoring Programme provides a structured environment enabling mentors and mentees to:

  • Set objectives
  • Meet for guidance
  • Report on targets set and targets met
  • Fully develop each mentee’s potential
  • Enhance the guidance and leadership skills of each Mentor

This reporting structure is also accessible by the schools and tertiary institution’s managing the CMS Mentoring Programme. Updates are sent to each participating Mentee and Mentor as well as to their parents, caregivers or bursary providers.

Leaders are not born, they are evolved from the basis of a well-founded self-esteem, nurtured by those who are capable and caring.Neville Berkowitz, Chairman, Career Management Services (CMS)